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Beaba Multi Milk 5 in 1 Bottle Warmer​

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Multi Milk, your daily partner for the preparation of baby meals.​ A multifunctional bottle warmer that allows you to easily and simply heat the baby bottles and the baby food jars

  • 5-in-1 Multifunction Bottle Warmer : Water bath mode, Defrost mode, Babyfood mode, Fast mode, Sterilization mode​
  • Gentle warming with “water bath mode” to preserve breastmilk nutrients​
  • Fast warming thanks to steam technology to quickly heat the bottles​
  • Baby bottles and pacifiers sterilizer​
  • Adjustable time & temperature for personalized settings​
  • Compatible with most sizes and material of bottles, such as baby glass bottles, silicone bottles, plastic bottles, baby food jars, and pouches
  • Premium Design with digital touch screen display and hot foil finishing​
  • Steam lid for a more efficient and cost saving warming ​
  • Healthy and Safe : Homogeneous and even warming (no hot spot). Overheating safety​
  • Timer and automatic shut off​
  • Maintenance: Hand wash recommended (or dishwasher for removable parts) - excluding heating unit