In 2014, we starts our business online and we open a store located in Hong Kong in the same year. We are focus on quality, stylish design and functional baby & kids items. 

In 2017, we have over 100 quality worldwide brands at store. Our name, Amie et Copain could be found in most of the well-know brands social channels. 

We also introduce the latest products at our official social channels, like Youtube, facebook, instagram, etc.


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We have over 100 quality brands at store & online

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Our official instagram: amie_et_copain

In Raining day, we suggested below direction without bringing any umbrella 

Lai Chi Kwok exit C of MTR, you can find an entrance in you right hand side at the floor (block A), then walk inside and turn right if you are facing an restaurant inside. You could find the entrance of block B & C. Walk straight and you could find a lifts of Block C. 

Google map: