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Japan LOWRA ROUGE: children's special low-radiation electric hair dryer

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Japan Lowra Rouge low-radiation electric flashlight for children │light and easy to hold│anion protection │safety first

More and more people are paying attention to the radiation problem of electrical appliances. In the ordinary household electrical appliances, the biggest radiation is the electric hair dryer! Most hair dryers radiate up to 150mG, which damages hair quality and affects health. Therefore, the Lowra Rouge zero-radiation negative ion hair dryers that were launched earlier are very popular. They are popular and reliable. Children's special low-radiation electric hair dryer‼ ️Parents should pay attention to the fact that Lao is close to zero radiation! Protect your hair with negative ions, develop softness and quality from a young age, and be light and lightweight. Children are easy to get started and are too heavy. You can hold your hair out. Hair is gentle and delicate, safe and easy to use. 


Pattern: Little blue dinosaur/ Little red fox

Safety first, Mom's peace of mind, the air outlet is close to 0 radiation

Two-level constant temperature mode

Gentle and delicate hair blowing

Weight 276g 

Compact in size, light for children

Negative ion protection