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Souyi SY-120 Ultra-lightweight and strong suction cordless vacuum cleaner - Pink

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Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Estimate lead time about 7-10 working days

Product Features

  • 780g ultra-lightweight body, the weight is about the same as a box of 1 liter of drink, children and the elderly do not feel strenuous when using it
  • Using an advanced brushless motor, 15000pa (15Kpa) powerful vacuum suction, light and free when sucking heavy objects
  • Rotate the air in a cyclone to bring out the high-speed centrifugal force and increase the suction power
  • Double filter, adopts high-density HEPA grade and stainless steel filter, which can be cleaned directly with water
  • High-density HEPA filter, effectively filtering fine dust particles, and no dust will be discharged from the exhaust port
  • Dust bag can be used or not used during operation, and it is convenient to use in different special situations
  • The easily removable dust bin can be cleaned with water, which is convenient for sanitation and easy maintenance
  • It can be used wirelessly after charging, it is more convenient to clean the car, and it can be operated continuously for about 15-20 minutes after fully charged.
  • The flat and thin long-handled straw is equipped with a multi-angle rotating brush head, which can be easily cleaned even if it is difficult to clean.
  • Only 72 decibels during operation, suitable for use in quiet environments such as medical clinics, schools, offices, etc.
  • R&D and design by Japanese manufacturers, guarantee of confidence
  • Suitable for Hong Kong voltage, British standard three-pin plug, in line with the safety standards of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
  • Original Hong Kong licensed goods, one-year warranty
  • The first follower has 2 HEPA filters, without dust-proof paper bags