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Souyi SY-136 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Purple

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Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

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Japan SOUYI launched a new super hot flagship series, SOUYI SY-136 suction and drag dual-use wireless vacuum cleaner! First of all, it has 18000pa super suction power, and it can be used for both suction and drag.

Product Features

  • Can mop the floor at the same time; can put aromatherapy bag; replaceable rechargeable battery; spray function; lightweight body; quiet operation; strong suction power
  • Vacuum in the front while mopping the floor in the back, thoroughly cleaning the whole house in one go
  • Can be put in the aromatherapy bag in the body, and clean the environment to make the environment fragrant and odorless (without the aromatherapy bag)
  • Special air blowing function is more convenient to blow out the garbage hidden in the pit and suck it away (such as keyboard, dust screen, window trough)
  • Easy detachable lithium battery with rechargeable design, can be operated and cleaned wirelessly without a drive or a beam
  • It can be used wirelessly after charging, it is more convenient to clean the car, and it can be operated continuously for about 30 minutes after charging for 4 hours.
  • A backup battery can be purchased for long-term use, which is most suitable for cleaning a large area
  • 1.4KG lightweight body with ergonomic design, suitable for long-term use
  • 18000pa (18Kpa) strong suction power, can be adjusted in two stages according to the needs (high 18000pa/low 9000pa) 
  • Double filter, adopts high-density HEPA grade and stainless steel filter, which can be cleaned directly with water
  • The high-density HEPA filter can effectively filter fine dust particles, and no dust will be discharged from the exhaust vent
  • The technology of rotating the air in a cyclone, which brings out the high-speed vacuum centrifugal force to increase the suction power.
  • The noise reduction motor is only 65 decibels during operation
  • The rotating brush head is equipped with LED lighting, which is more convenient when cleaning the carriage, the sofa bottom, and the cabinet bottom
  • The multi-angle rotating brush head can be flexibly turned 120 degrees, and it can be easily cleaned even in difficult-to-clean locations
  • Can be converted to handheld operation, which is more convenient for small area cleaning (such as computer, doll, sofa, bed)
  • No dust bag, convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance
  • Fully separated dust-proof design, can be washed directly with water at ease
  • Floor roller, flat brush, flat suction nozzle, long straw, multi-angle rotating brush head (need to be used with the roller) are also attached.
  • A simple wall seat is provided for easy storage against the wall
  • R&D and supervision of Japanese manufacturers, quality assurance guarantee
  • Hong Kong three-pin plug and voltage, comply with Electrical and Mechanical Services Department standard certification
  • Hong Kong licensed product, one-year warranty (battery warranty for 3 months, no warranty for damaged items) 
  • Packing: 58.5x12.5x27.5cm, 3.2KG


  • This machine comes with 1 set of mopping accessories
  • Soft straw with dust mite tip, storage base, aromatherapy bag, mopping kit are sold separately
  • The mop, battery, and HEPA filter are consumables and can be purchased separately and replaced by yourself