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Babymoov:Turbo Steam Electric Sterilizer

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Babymoov is a French company which designs innovative products for mums with mums. This set of silicone containers will enable you to store your fresh homemade food for your little one. Stackable and foldable thanks to the silicone material you will save space in your cupboards and maternity bag! The hermetic lid is very easy to close thanks to the clips. The silicone containers will be your best friends in your kitchen!

The Babymoov turbo steam steriliser is the 1st one in the market to sterilise the core of the bottles. Indeed the steam outlet from the main truck and the extremity of every arms enables to optimise the sterilisation until the bottom of the bottles.

This steriliser gets a capacity of 6 bottles and accessories. Thanks to the removable arms you can modulate the space at your convenience to sterilise any kind of products, even breast pumps.

Very easy to use: a measuring cup is included to pour the right quantity of water. No need to watch the steriliser thanks to the sound alarm and the automatic shutdown. A UK adapter is supplied in the pack.

The Babymoov products are life warranted if you register online at www.service-babymoov.com. You have to register within 2 months from the date of purchase to benefit from this service.

We invite you to discover the other products we propose in the different ranges such as feeding, comfort, safety, caring, outdoor and playing. 

The Steriliser Babymoov Electric Turbo Steam 2 in 1 has en exclusive system: the bottles are placed on arms fitted with steam nazzles that carefully sterilise the base of bottles.

As opposed to preconceived ideas, it is not the outside of baby bottles touched by hands that is the most important to sterilise but the base of the bottle where deposits of milk can build up and bacterias develop. The Babymoov Turbo Steam Electric Steriliser sterilises the core of the bottle!


  • Exclusive system: the bottles are placed on arms fitted with steam nazzles that carefully sterilise the base of bottles
  • Steam outlet from main trunk ensuring even, thorough sterilisation in the appliance
  • Capacity: 6 bottles and accessories, easy to install thanks to the 6 main arms for bottles, 6 small arms for lids, 6 double arms for teats and rings.
  • Arms removable to modulate the set-up and take all types of produtcs, even breast pumps.
  • Real 2 in 1: the central part is removable to become a very handy bottle dryer thanks to its tray which takes up the water.
  • Acoustic alarm
  • Dimension : 25 X 27 X 35 cm
  • BPA free

Techinical Details

  • Power supply : 500 W


  • 1 X Sterilizer
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