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Kajsa silver ion antibacterial face mask, adult/ kid

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The materials have been effectively blocked by the verification company test report:

-99.85% E. coli

-99.99% Staphylococcus aureus

-99.99% Candida albicans

More than 600 kinds of bacteria

The Hong Kong brand that once won the Red Dot Design Award-kajsa is famous for its fashionable design style and high-quality materials. The leather electronic accessories it has been loved and recognized by users all over the world.

For this global epidemic, the brand has carefully crafted and designed anti-bacterial masks that can be cleaned and recycled; a series of environmentally-friendly anti-bacterial masks have been made with high-end silver ion materials, combining high-end and reliable anti-bacterial fabrics with a comfortable and skin-friendly wearing experience. Environmental protection and fashion are integrated into everyone's daily personal hygiene protection.

Silver ion antibacterial cloth masks are destroyed by positively charged silver ions when bacteria pass through, and chelation technology allows silver ions to be more tightly bound to fibers, so even repeated washing will not affect the antibacterial properties of the fabric itself.

cleaning method:

Use 30 degree water temperature to wash by hand, dilute soapy water to gently wash, naturally hang to dry

Do not use softener, rinse white water or alcohol

(It is recommended to clean every day, the cleaning frequency can be up to 200 times without affecting the antibacterial properties of the product)


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